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Hi there, we are Tri-Eagle!

Founded in early 2016 by the Shumate family, Tri-Eagle Home began servicing the community in home-improvement & home-maintenance needs. Drawing on our experience in these areas we provided our community with trusted & reliable handyman and landscape services.

In 2018, we expanded to include design and remodels. It is our experience when a designer & contractor work hand-in-hand from design through construction, we bring our homeowners a simplified and streamlined process. We believe designer & contractor working together can create an environment where our clients’ visions are brought to life.

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Our mission is to foster peace of mind for our clients, whether that entails yearly maintenance or newly designed and renovated spaces. From small maintenance to large renovations, we are here to provide you with reliable and dependable service.


The story of our name

The name Tri-Eagle comes from an influential achievement in the lives of our founders. Tom Sr. raised his three sons in boy scouts, proudly mentoring them to achieving the rank of Eagle Scout. In honor of their dedication and commitment we chose the name “Tri-Eagle”. Obtaining the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America is the highest rank a scout can achieve. It takes dedication, hard-work, and leadership to fulfill the requirements of this rank. When we set out to build this company, we saw our mission much like the scouts view theirs. Serving their community, in an honorable and trustworthy fashion. We saw an opportunity to bring forth our mission and values to our community through the work we do every day.


Our small but mighty team is dedicated to making your house a home.

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Tom spent most of career running a nonprofit in both a financial & leadership position. When his son, Jonathan, suggested they start a company, with no hesitation, Tom, jumped at the idea. As a family man, having raised six kids with his wife, Carolyn, one of Tom’s greats joys in life is having the opportunity to run a business with two of his sons and daughter-in-law. Other than his family, one of Tom’s other greatest passions in life is music. In his free time, he can be found either jamming on one of the seven instruments he plays alone or with his friends, at a bluegrass festival or cooking up his homemade spaghetti sauce using tomatoes from his home garden.

Founder, CEO



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Jonathan founded Tri-Eagle with his father, Tom, to pursue his life long passion of building & creating. From a young age, Jonathan could be found trailing his father around the house toting a tool box with a curiosity to figure out how things work and how to fix them. With age came the desire to learn how to manage large projects. Ask Jonathan his favorite thing about his job and his answer will be that he gets to work with his lovely wife, Caitlin, every single day (...yes Caitlin wrote this bio). When not working, Jonathan can be found rock climbing at the “Gorge”, horseback riding or just about any high adventure outdoor activity... A true Eagle scout to his core.

Founder, COO



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Tom is a general laborer and is a valuable member of this team. He is the backbone of making projects run smoothly on site. Tom functions as Jonathan’s right hand and is essential to the efficiency and productivity of team. He represents the ability to continue to take on large projects that are helping our company to grow and flourish. Tom takes great pride in being part of the family business and enjoys helping homeowners with large and small problems. When not working hard on site, Tom loves to spend time with his wife and their three young daughters. He can also be found grilling out and having bonfires with his friends & family.

General Laborer



Caitlin Portrait_edited.jpg

Caitlin is an interior designer whom from a young age dreamed of design. After earning her degree from the University of Kentucky, she worked in the commercial design field where she specialized in retail & restaurants. Her childhood dreams came true when she had the opportunity to join her husband, Jonathan, in the pursuit of growing the remodeling side of Tri-Eagle Home. She is a firm believer that when designer and contractor work hand-in-hand, they can provide the best possible outcome for each project. Other than design, Caitlin’s passions include giving her dog snuggles, Tex-Mex, antiquing, and 90’s country music (let’s go girls!)

Interior Designer



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