How To Keep Your Door From Being Ajar: Fixing Problem Doors

Door troubles! Most everyone has experienced this at one time or another. Some don’t latch. Some are hard to close. Some squeak. Some don’t fit in the opening anymore. A lot of door problems occur because the house is settling. This settling throws the doorway off plumb and affects the operation of the door. You don’t have to be a carpenter or professional handyman to fix some of these problems. Sometimes they are quick easy fixes.

This simple trick may help the door to close and latch better. If you find that the top of the door has shifted to be too high on the side opposite of the hinge, you can try putting a piece of cardboard (like the kind used for cereal boxes) between the door frame and the top hinge plate. Simply unscrew the hinge plate from the door frame, insert a cut-to-size piece of cardboard or two on the door frame hinge location and then screw the hinge back into the frame. This will have the effect of pushing the top of the door away from the door frame which will cause the opposite side of the door to shift down. If you need to shift the door up, just insert the cardboard at the bottom hinge instead of the top. Sometimes you may need to put some cardboard at the middle hinge and then more cardboard at the top or bottom hinge depending on which way you are trying to shift the door.

Sometimes doors bind against the hinge side of the door frame. A quick fix for this is to very slightly loosen all the screws that attach the hinge plates to the door frame. This will give a little play on the hinge and may help the door to close better. Of course, you can also insert the cardboard between the hinge plate and door frame as noted above. That will provide better spacing and the door won’t bind as much.

If a wooden door is too large for the door opening, you may need to sand or plane the edge of the door. Remove the door from the frame. Remove the hinge from the door. Lay the hinge side edge of the door on the floor and sand or plane the edge that is facing up. Remount the door and see if it fits or if more material is needed to be removed.

Squeaky doors are annoying. Spraying the hinge with a silicone lubricant and tightening the door and door frame screws can help alleviate this problem.

If you live in the Cincinnati area and you would like for us to help you with your door problems, give us call at Tri-Eagle Home & Lawn at (513) 399-6020 or email us at

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